Some people are happy doing the same thing over and over again but that's not me. I'm constantly discovering new things I want to try out. Thankfully most of my experements work out quite well which means I have more than enough cash to plow into other projects.


Sorta Stupid (Active)

While at Automattic I learned that Matt (the CEO) said he would buy the company a laser once they hit a certain milestone. I thought that was so cool and even brought it up once to him but they never ended up buying one. Once I left the company I decided that I would just buy my own, I wasn't going to wait for someone else anymore. If I wanted something done I was going to do it.

Me and my brother went to the local universal laser dealership and a few days later (and 15k) later I had myself a laser. Normally it takes about a month for the laser to be delivered as they make them to order so my brother bullied them into selling us their demo unit so we wouldn't have to wait.

I have no idea how to use it or even what I would make. I'm fairly sure my family thought I was crazy taking a 15k gamble. To try recoup my investment I opened an etsy store (called sorta stupid). At first I created all sorts of stuff that no one wanted. On a whim I created some Christmas ornaments that ended up taking off like crazy. By the end of the Christmas season I sold over 2k of them and completely paid back my initial investment in the laser. I'm currently working on a new line of ornaments for this Christmas season.

PoolParty (On Hiatus)

Most of my work life is centered about Shopify as my brother's company teelaunch is based on it. I thought it would be fun to create a few Shopify apps, so I did under the name PoolParty. My design philosophy is simplicity. I create apps that only do one thing, one thing really well. I would much rather have an app that working amazing for 80% of the people than ones that work so so for everyone.

I've put the store on hiatus as it makes a good chunk of cash without me having to do anything. I'll probably come back around it later on once I have a more stable development team.



Secret pizza party (on Hiatus)

When I left Automattic I wanted to try and keep in touch with the WordPress community. I had all sorts of ideas I really wanted to try, things I thought would be really great for the WordPress community. I was really tired of boring brands in the WordPress world so I decided to create something fun and Secret Pizza Party was born.

I ended up creating a few neat little plugins but in the end put the project on hold. The WordPress community is going through a pretty massive transition right now and I want to see how it shakes out before investing anymore time.