Some people are happy doing the same thing over and over again but that's not me. I'm constantly discovering new things I want to try out. Thankfully most of my experements work out quite well which means I have more than enough cash to plow into other projects.


Sorta Stupid

While at Automattic I learned that Matt (the CEO) said he would buy the company a laser once they hit a certain milestone. I thought that was so cool and even brought it up once to him but they never ended up buying one. Once I left the company I decided that I would just buy my own, I wasn't going to wait for someone else anymore. If I wanted something done I was going to do it.

Me and my brother went to the local universal laser dealership and a few days later (and 15k) later I had myself a laser. Normally it takes about a month for the laser to be delivered as they make them to order so my brother bullied them into selling us their demo unit so we wouldn't have to wait.

I have no idea how to use it or even what I would make. I'm fairly sure my family thought I was crazy taking a 15k gamble. To try recoup my investment I opened an etsy store (called sorta stupid). At first I created all sorts of stuff that no one wanted. On a whim I created some Christmas ornaments that ended up taking off like crazy. By the end of the Christmas season I sold over 2k of them and completely paid back my initial investment in the laser.


I’m never happier than when creating WordPress merch. It use to consume my entire life. Recently I got back into it over at and have been having quite a bit of fun. This time around I’m using print on demand products which makes it easier to create as I don’t have to worry about the non-existent market for WordPress stuff.

The name is a nod to the famous essay The Cathedral and the Bazaar. If you are into WordPress at all you should really check it out, even if you don’t want to buy anything. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them as well.



Sorta brilliant

When the new WordPress block editor was announced I knew I wanted to make some blocks for it. To me this was like someone was pressing the reset button on the ecosystem. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back into it.

I’m really excited with what is now possible. I’ve created one plugin so far and I hope to create many more over the next few months.