Some people are happy doing the same thing over and over again but that's not me. I'm constantly discovering new things I want to try out. Thankfully most of my experements work out quite well which means I have more than enough cash to plow into other projects.


Sorta industries

My main business is laser etching drink tumblers. I kinda fell into it after a bought a laser out of spite (long story) and now it’s expanded to levels I never would have imagined and is generating more income that I know what to do with. It’s with this income that I have the money to fund all my new ventures like the sorta studio.
You can learn more about it here.


wapuu (the unofficial WordPress mascot) ignited my love for mascots. the sorta is my brand development company where I take brand mascots and build communities & stores around them. We’ve secured one license in 2019 and are working on a couple more.
If you know of a brand mascot you want to see given some love, let me know.