How To
February 23, 2022

Hate taking photos of yourself?

I'm not a fan of taking or displaying photos of myself. This is always a struggle when I'm working on redesigning my website as all the templates I use assume that you are a good looking 20 something who has professional headshots sitting on your hard drive just waiting to be uploaded.

While working on my latest redesign I remembered the work of Pablo Stanley, one of my favorite illustrators. A while back he launched a new service called Blush, which advertises that they have "illustrations for everyone".

You know what, they really do. These stock illustrations usually bother me as they are geared towards a very specific crowd. They assume you are selling UI or Web Development services and that is what you need to graphics for.

Not many of them have illustrations for a middle aged man who loves pizza, Sega Game Gears and making cool shit. But Blush does.

Right now I'm working on my website, eating pizza and they have an illustration for that. How cool is that?

So if you are working on a site and need something to put up instead of your high school yearbook photo or the glamour shots you got at the mall, give Blush a look.