February 23, 2022

New site who dis?

Back between 2012 - 2016 I was really into blogging. I blogged all the time and I really enjoyed it. I've always wanted to get back into it but was uninspired by my personal site. I didn't like anything about it and it make it hard to actually work on it. Then this past year I've been working a lot with Webflow for my brother's company. Webflow is different than anything I've used before. Webflow uses a design first approach. With WordPress and other CMSs they get all excited about the code and design seems like an afterthought.

It's so exciting to find a CMS that cares about interactions, animations and funky fonts. To have a design that not only works well but looks darn cool. There is a bit of a learning curve but I'm really enjoying learning something new. Today I'm relaunching my personal site in Webflow and I hope it marks a return to me doing more writing and sharing of what I'm working on.